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Sustainable Values

Our success is built on a company philosophy that reflects the best values of our traditions as a medium-sized enterprise. We emphasise the importance of social responsibility, respect for one another and sustainable economic activities as well as the constant development, improvement and optimisation of our products and processes.

What's more, we believe it's vital that our traditional company remains fiercely loyal to its home. Even after more than 65 years, we are still firmly rooted in Thalhausen in Rhineland Palatinate, Germany. We employ 185 people and train up young people every year for careers as sewing machine operators, cutters, industrial sales representatives and IT administrators.


The HB Brand Promise

We not only care about the safety of people wearing our clothing, but also that purchasers, work safety engineers, works committees and quality managers feel safe in their decision for HB.  

Our Vision

We – the entire HB company community – are leaders in quality and performance and the first point of contact for inspiring new developments when it comes to certified protective clothing. 

Our Mission

We ensure that our customers feel well protected by us and that they can work without any hesitation or concerns.

Our Values

We promote an environment of respect and openness both internally and externally.
We are motivated, innovative and always on the lookout for improvements.
We are high-performance, personal and calculable.

Customer Focus

Our products, specialist knowledge and innovative solutions set industry-leading standards.
We provide valuable safety to protect the health of our customers as much as possible.
We want our customers to feel like they're in safe hands with us.