Every year, we manufacture over one million parts at 12 sites in 9 countries, drawing on cutting-edge processing and manufacturing techniques. Alongside high-end cutters and cross-site production management, we are linked to all of our manufacturers by our ERP system.

We have production sites in Germany, Thalhausen (samples and urgent orders) and Europe (Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldawia, Czech Republic and Armenia).

The only asian production takes place in China for our cold protection clothing for which we certainly do apply the same quality standard as for all other HB garments. 

Employees in all of our enterprises receive intensive training in our Thalhausen branch or at the local sites to ensure that we are able to keep our quality standards high across all our locations.  

Using the TURTLE TEST® stamp number, we can trace the production and final inspection of every single one of our products. Thanks to cutting-edge logistics, we can also offer even short delivery times on the required date – for example, using our high-speed delivery service 21 TO WEAR®.

We are a responsible employer, which means that we regularly perform system, product and social audits in all of our enterprises. This not only helps us to identify potential improvements and increase synergies, but also motivates our employees, as they recognise that we take them seriously.