Making you fit for future


Foundation for the future

Quality starts in our minds. By providing in-house initial training and further development like, for example, standard and fabric training, we are able to lay the foundations for creating qualified employee. 

Additionally we train at least 4 or 5 apprentices every year, and wer are happy to having them still with us for minimum a year after they have successfully finished the apprenticeship. Experienced trainers and supervisors help them reaching their goals and become sewers, tailors, office clerk or industrial clerk.

Current apprenticeships

At the moment we are offering the following apprenticeships (commencing date, 08/01/2019):


- Industrial Management Assistant

- Warehouse Operator

- Information Technology Officer

Start your apprenticeship at HB

Simply send your application to:

Rita Noll
Tel.: 02639-8309-0
Email: bewerbung@hb spam

Learn more about HB

On our Youtube-Channel you can find interesting videos of HB Protective Wear!

Or simply get to know more about us on our website:


Fitness & work-life-balance


At HB we invest in the health and satisfaction of our employees from conviction. That is why we established our very own corporate gym to promote a better, healthier work-life-balance.

Workouts in our spacious fitness room are free and our modern equipment allows for various exercises:

  • cardio devices
  • multi-functional tower
  • squat rack for barbell training
  • abdominal trainer, one leg trainer and a chin-up leg raise bank
  • KINESIS-wall: 360° cable-controlled system that offers more than 250 exercises
  • all tools come with an app and a QR-code that allows users to track their workouts and progress

Since its introduction, our gym has been in high demand – more than a third of the staff regularly hit the gym. And of course, you are very welcome to try out yourself during your apprenticeship at HB.