Certified Protection

Expertise in standards

We pride ourselves on two core competences: the production of certified protective clothing and our excellent expertise in standards. Our tailor-made solutions for a multitude of hazardous situations offer you safety that you can rely on.

And to do so, we've taken a leaf out of nature's book: life on earth has been adapting to its environment and the diverse range of dangers it presents for millions of years. Evolution has produced astounding results that have inspired us to constantly develop and improve our PPE expertise and find the perfect solutions to the challenges in the workplace.

We stay up to date through regular standard and fabric training sessions, by cooperating with textile universities and by actively participating in standards committees. We also make huge efforts in terms of our quality assurance which goes above and beyond the legal requirements. Our expert knowledge of textiles and many years of experience go hand in hand in the development and manufacture our products.

Our clearly defined range strategy is based on differentiated product segments. We use special materials, which are tailored to the specific requirements of the various field of application, and get the most out of them without losing sight of the multi-functional aspects and comfortable fit.

Our creative workshop shapes the brand-specific HB design and constantly sets new trends with modern cuts and fashionable colours. As a result, we produce protective clothing that feels and looks good, and provides reliable protection against hazards. As durable and robust as a turtle's shell. 

ARC & ENERGY // Electric arc protection

HEAT , FLAME & SPLASHES // Flame and welding protection

HI-VIS & WEATHER // Warning and weather protection

CHEMICALS // Chemical protection


CLEANROOM & DUST // Cleanroom and dust

FLAMMGARD // Day shift wear fro firemen

READY TO WEAR // Configurator for protective clothing