Our Tests

The protection of people is our main focus. In addition to our multi-level internal quality control procedures, the seamless traceability of every single finished product across the entire purchasing and production process means that we can guarantee top quality. 

The most important steps in the HB quality assurance process:

Raw materials:

  • Fabric inspection
  • Industrial washer and dryer tests in accordance with ISO 15797
  • Check for AZO colourants
  • ESD conductivity test
  • Fabric sample comparison

Finished products:

  • Industrial washer and dryer tests in accordance with ISO 15797
  • Practical testing of new collections at relevant hazardous workplaces
  • Check for AZO colourants
  • SEM charge decay measurements for all ESD parts
  • Manual final inspection of all parts
  • Numbered TURTLE TESTED® stamp on every product
  • AQL inspection: sample inspection of our acceptable quality limit
  • Serial number on the label for large orders


We also always have access to quality assurance agreements, technical data sheets, standards and guidelines – even those of our suppliers. This means that we're able to make technically legitimate and verifiable statements and give you personalised and forthcoming information about the manufacture and design of our products at any time.

Our holistic quality management system depends on this solid documentation because we can only ensure consistent product quality if all the relevant processes and data are correctly documented and available.