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From sample to series production

High-performance on a large scale

We place the most stringent requirements on quality controls during serial production:

▶ So our customers get exactly what they saw in the sample

▶ So every single item meets highest demands

With an eye for detail

Before a model goes into series production, we check everything again right down to the smallest detail – we even carry out an ESD conductivity test on the finished product, even though it's no longer required by EN 61340. For custom-made products, the pre-production sample undergoes an additional acceptance by the customer.

New collections are also tested during day-to-day work in workplaces involving the relevant hazardous environments before sales begin.

The final inspection: 100% manual

For your safety, it's worth it.

After production approval, all finished products must undergo a final inspection. The numbered TURTLE TESTED® stamp on every single clothing item verifies this manual inspection. 

We also perform our strict and unique AQL inspection for all productions, which ensures the acceptable quality limit in Thalhausen. All inspections are performed by trained and experienced personnel and those carried out abroad are supported by our specifically trained field engineers. We continually optimise our production processes and make our production chain transparent.