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Test procedures above and beyond the standard

All HB Protective Wear products are certified in accordance with national and international standards. To raise our already high standards even more, we have developed our own in-house test method.

Our quality seal: TURTLE TESTED®.

Forthcoming, personalised, verifiable

We check every single finished product and document the examination with our "TURTLE TESTED®" seal of quality.

The tests carried out on each garment can be traced right back to the respective production facility thanks to the unique "TURTLE TESTED®" serial numbers assigned to each item.

In conjunction with the production order number on the inner labels, this ensures production is always traceable.

We are happy to perform the numerous testing procedures so that we can provide an official stamp of approval. This way, every customer can clearly see that we do everything in our power to supply goods that are free of defects and ensure that all production processes can be clearly traced.

Complete traceability

The seamless traceability across the entire manufacturing process is an absolute necessity to ensure a credible brand promise. The TURTLE TESTED® seal, the serial number on the label and the production order number on the internal labels lend credence to our promise: They ensure that every finished product can seamlessly be traced back by HB.

Since we work in accordance with ISO 9001, we are also able to inform you about the manufacture and design of our products at any time.