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Current information from HB on COVID-19

Dear Business Partners,

Due to the ongoing Corona Virus crisis and daily changes, like everyone, HB Protective Wear are faced with new challenges which we will approach in the best way possible.

Our primary objective is currently to protect both the health of our employees and their families. In addition to this we will endeavour to keep our daily business running from here in Thalhausen in order to ensure as smooth as possible a supply to our customers. If any commercial obstacles occur for our company, we will adjust our business operations to best suit these conditions whilst ensuring an ongoing service. In case of any far-reaching governmental orders, HB have established an emergency plan and we have all necessary arrangements in place.

In the meantime, some of our suppliers from other EU countries also affected by the Corona Virus more intensely have informed us about the first shortfalls in supply. These delays will of course have an impact on our own delivery performance for particular ranges.

Over the last few days, you will have found updates on HB Protective Wear’s situation on our website. By visiting you can be assured of the latest information on which ranges are affected by delivery and production shortages and our overall current situation. We would ask you to please visit our website regularly during this time to stay informed so that we avoid sending continuous e-mails on possible daily changes. You can be assured that we will inform you about any changes in dates in our order acknowledgements as usual. In the case of special articles, we will inform you individually as soon as such an article is affected.

Although, we will do our utmost to offer you the well-known HB level of service, in these challenging times we ask for your understanding if we do encounter some disruption over the coming weeks.

We wish you and your families all the very best and to stay healthy!

With cooperative greetings,

HB Protective Wear




Dear business partner,

Due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus, we have been informed by the first suppliers that they cannot provide delivery anymore. Therefore we apologize for having to inform you about a supply bottleneck for the following product lines:


  1. HB-MODarc / HB-MODarc + Reflective         grey/black, Colour No. 2251
                                                                            black/grey, Colour No. 2188  

As the delivery situation is changing every day and hour, we have decided to keep you up-to-date online, and to inform you here concerning the current supply situation.

The above list is being numbered, and it will be permanently continued.

We hence kindly ask you to have a look on this web page before placing orders or retrieving general orders.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and please stay healthy!



Dear business partners,

We at HB Protective Wear are also doing everything we can to counteract the further uncontrolled spread of COVID-19. With this in mind we would like to inform you about the current situation in our company.

Our primary objective is currently to protect the health of our employees while also ensuring as far as possible that our company will not be too adversely affected by an official quarantine order by the authorities for an indefinite period of time. Overall, we are trying to strike the right balance between responsibility and excessive hysteria.

In addition to increased precautionary measures, we have decided, amongst other things, to stop receiving external visitors at HB and participating in external events until at least the end of March.

As far as the processing of your orders are concerned, we can currently continue to process and plan customer orders as usual. Currently, there are no bottlenecks anticipated and that includes our delivery situation. The availability of our customer service and our sales representatives is also guaranteed as usual and they can be fully contacted by Phone and Email.

However, if further measures are enforced at a Governmental level, we already have an established emergency plan for this eventuality. In accordance with our contingency planning we will be able to provide a basic infrastructure via a working-from-home solution.

We will, of course, keep you informed should unforeseeable developments with further restrictions occur. In addition to this, you will be able to find ongoing updated information on this subject right here on

We hope you stay healthy!



Dear Sir or Madam

Due to continued uncertainty caused by the corona virus, we have received an increasing number of questions in recent days about how this will affect our customer deliveries.

Given that the production locations for all but six of our products are outside of Asia, we are not currently anticipating a direct adverse impact on our manufacturing or delivery capabilities. In terms of the six articles being produced in Asia, there are sufficient volumes of stock as well as additional production facilities in Europe, meaning we aren’t expecting any shortages in this regard either. This also applies to areas where we buy in finished products.

However, in most cases, the entire supply chain of the textile industry processes products from Asia. As a result, we are at this time unable to completely rule out that a continued spread of the corona virus could also impact our supply chain in the medium term. We are in close contact with our suppliers and will inform you immediately if there is a change to, or review of, the current situation.

Kind regards

HB Protective Wear GmbH & Co. KG