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HB helps helping hands & donates 0.50 Euro per sold protective mask

High demand creates high solidarity

During the last days we have received a lot of requests concerning our protective masks. We therefore have enlarged the production quantity in order to be able to serve as much orders as possible.

In order to support the very important work of those many volunteers and helping hands which are constantly supporting charity organisations in these days, we want to turn the high demand into a strong signal of solidarity. 

Hence we decided to donate 0.50 € from the sales revenue of each sold protective mask item. This amount will be shown separately on the bills, and it will be forwarded 1:1 to regional charity institutions – just as voluntary fire departments or organisations taking care of people that need medical or social help. 

Our press release as of 24/03/2020 provides more information about our new reusable protective masks.

We wish you all the best, and please stay healthy!

Please note: This mask is no medical product and no personal protective equipment (PPE). The mask is designed for private use, and it is particularly not intended for the use as PPE or mouth protection against infections or other harmful substances or for the use in the public health sector or as safety protection at work.

HB Protective Wear: Wir haben PSA in unserer DNA.

Since 1952 we have been developing and manufacturing high-quality PPE solutions that protect people from specific workplace hazards. We are the only manufacturer in Germany that has exclusively produced protective clothing for over 65 years. With an exemplary level of conformance to standards, highly specialised material, manufacturing expertise and 100% manual final inspection for each garment. Qualified employees with passion for PPE and a strong customer focus make us Germany's leading manufacturer of protective clothing. It owes this strong position also to best mid-size company values such as a high level of expertise, sustainable growth and, for sure, many years of experience. This is why we stay true to our brand promise: „be safe. we care.“

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Photo "Hand Heart": © Markus Meyer