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What’s new for PROBAN®, SECAN® and VINEX®: Higher protection, better care.

In order to be able to offer the right solutions for the increasing demands of the market all the time, we are continually developing our products. We are now offering the following collections with a number of improvements.

Secan Plus jacket medium grey

Secan Plus jacket medium grey

Proban jacket royal

Proban jacket royal


1. PROBAN® - now of interest to steelworks too
The two heavier designs in our PROBAN® welding protection collections now also provide protection from molten iron (EN 11612 / E2 and E3) as well as contact heat (EN 11612 / F1).

Find out more about the product at PROBAN®


2. SECAN® - comprehensive fabric upgrade
We have also reworked our collections in the established SECAN® qualities from Schümer significantly enhancing them once again. We are now offering the light SECAN® fabric quality in royal blue as SECAN® Plus with the PRO label thanks to an optimised anti-shrink finishing.

The collection is also certified to EN 11612 / E2, for higher resistance to molten iron splashes.
The SECAN® quality in 360 g/m² (colour: medium-grey) has been increased for welding protection class 2 to 395 g/m² and has also been improved in terms of performance in all classes in EN 11612. We will also be using the proven SECAN® Plus finish in this range with immediate effect.

Find out more about the product at SECAN® Plus

The medium-grey SECAN® Plus collection will be known as SECAN® Securo in the future, and will additionally feature anti-static properties in accordance with EN 1149-5 thanks to the carbon thread. It also provides excellent protection against iron splashes according to EN 11612 / E3.

Find out more about the product at SECAN® Securo


3. VINEX® - also protects from arc flashes
Our successful VINEX® collection for those working with molten metal now scores points with certification to IEC 61482-2 APC 1 for additional protection against electric arcs up to 4 kA. We also achieve higher resistance to molten aluminium splashes with EN 11612 / D3. The lighter shirt quality has now been certified for molten iron splashes E1 as well as D1.

Find out more about the product at VINEX®


If you have any questions regarding the changes to the collections, please contact your HB customer service representative or solution manager.