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Chemical Safety PPE

Whether you're outdoors or in the laboratory – things are not always pH-adjusted! In that case, chemical safety PPE from HB offers reliable protection while also providing high wearing comfort.

Attention to detail

The flat-felled seam, as it is known, is a very stable and hard-wearing seam. We use it in places that are highly stressed, especially on the inside leg seams. Thanks to a meticulous manufacturing process, the cut edges have a particularly neat finish.

The result is a pair of chemical safety trousers that is impressively durable, strong and ultimately: safe.

EN 13034 Type 6 – Protective clothing against liquid chemicals

Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals

This standard specifies the minimum requirements to be met by protective clothing against chemicals offering limited protective effect, including reusable protective clothing. Protective clothing against chemicals offering limited protective effect is for use where there is a possibility of exposure to minor chemical spraying, liquid aerosols or low-pressure spattering.


Unfortunately, even the best protective clothing cannot help you deal with difficult colleagues. But it can help protect you against hazardous chemicals: our products have undergone extensive quality testing to ensure that you are reliably protected from harm.

Quality that exceeds standards – a hallmark of HB – is particularly valuable when working with chemicals.

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