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Cleanroom & Dust

Cleanroom clothing

for paint shops and automotive industry

Clean rooms require the air to be as lint and dust-free as possible. Cleanroom clothing from HB meets those requirements, offering reliable protection according to accepted cleanliness standards.

In our product range you will find a wide selection of cleanroom products, such as cleanroom suits, overalls, coats, t-shirts or cleanroom accessories like head covers or visor caps.


The workmanship of the garments, in particular of the seams, remains significant. The use of edge binding along the seam guarantees correct cutting edge workmanship, thus minimising particle permeability as far as possible. 

Practically no fluffs

Fabric and products play a significant role in cleanroom clothing. The material should not give off any particles, as far as possible, and should represent a fine filter for the particles given off by the body.

Fields of application

  • Automotive industry
  • Paint shop

Cleanliness Classes

A cleanroom is a room with a controlled atmosphere (achieved by filtration, overpressure) in which contamination is reduced to an absolute minimum. The cleanliness class of a cleanroom is determined by measuring the particle concentration of particle sizes in the air. The results indicate whether or not the particle concentration exceeds the concentration limit for the relevant particle sizes and can thus be used to determine the cleanliness classes.

The cleanliness class achieved by the finished product is determined by the model design. Due to the nature of the production process, the finished garment must be washed by a professional laundry service prior to use in order to establish its suitability for a cleanroom environment.


In clean rooms, the top priority is keeping the air free from dust.

Our clean room and dust protection fabrics meet all requirements according to the recognised cleanliness classes in order to keep the particle concentration as low as possible.

The textiles are manufactured precisely according to the specific clean room requirements.