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TEMPEX Cold Protection

Cold protective clothing

for cold store and chillroom areas and food hygiene

Excellent cold protection - from head to toe, from the inside to the outside

Our cold store clothing is world-wide renowned. The collections are carefully matched so that the products complement one another. You can combine them, just like a construction kit, and design exactly the individual protection equipment that you need.

The certification acc. to EN 342 standard and high-quality materials like our unchallenged fluffy insulation and the elaborate manufacture make sure that you are well protected when working in chillrooom or cold store areas. We offer cold protective wear for different kind of works, e.g. if you move a lot or a little when working.

EN 342 – Cold Protection

Protective clothing

Ensembles and garments for protection against cold.

This standard does not contain requirements for head, hand or foot protection. Still, sufficient protection must be worn along with a thermal base layer for this certification to apply.

(Source: Alfred-Wegener-Institut)
HB cold protection clothing in action on the greatest arctic expedition of all time.


If you are working at temperatures as low as -49 °C, you need warm clothing. Our cold protection collections for chill rooms and refrigerated warehouses are coordinated so that the individual products complement each other and can be combined however you like to create the ideal protection for your requirements. From head to toe and from inside to outside – we offer a wide range of cold protection clothing for different working environments:

  • Our CHILLROOM clothingthermal workwear as well as our fleece products are suited for Clothing Clothing for work in moderate cold (0-10°C).
  • Our cold store clothing lines provide cold protection for movement-intensive as well as long-term exposure, low-movement activities at temperatures down to -49 °C.
  • We also offer a variety of hygiene clothing for safe handling of food items in cold storages.
  • Looking for accessories for you cold protection PPE? You will make a find at HB – regardless of whether you are looking for cold protection gloves, face and head protection, functional underwear or socks and boots.