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Day shift wear for firemen

Our Flammgard© day shift wear is worn by firemen when they are not deployed at a fire scene, but rather when they are servicing equipment, attending theory courses and exercises or when they are acting as fire safety guards.

The clothes are as comfortable as leisurewear, but have a high-quality look and also protect the wearer in the event of a fire. 

Communication matters

Our day shift wear for firemen features an impressive level of detail.

The left pocket flap has an opening for a radio antenna. Above it is a loop for the antenna microphone. The station wear can be adapted to the various standards required by the individual German federal states.

EN ISO 11612 – Heat and flame protection

Clothing to protect against heat and flame

This international standard specifies the minimum requirements for clothing protecting against heat and/or flames.

In a wide variety of fields of application, the wearer can also be exposed to convective, radiant or contact heat, as well as splashes of molten metal.

Within the standard, letters A-F define the performance levels relating to the protective properties listed above.


Firefighting is a vocation that plays an important role in protecting us in a world filled with technology.

Our Flammgard© product line includes station wear that meets the complex requirements by those who work in this profession. We communicate constantly with our customers, taking on board suggestions and ideas. This allows us to develop highly individualised solutions that are tailored precisely to the specific needs of individual German federal states, for example.

Product lines

Basic model (customizable)

Technical Assistance / DGUV

Fire Fighting