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ESD product protection

ESD clothing

für sensible Elektronikfertigung

product protection for electronics manufacturing

When manufacturing products (e.g. electronics) that can be affected by electrostatic discharge from people, garments with reliable discharging features are required. The HB product range includes many ESD-products, which - besides their protective properties - will win you over by their light and comfortable fabric.


A special feature of the new versions of our CONDUCTEX® Pro Knit sweat jackets is an integrated black antistatic thread that is also dyed and therefore practically invisible – without this affecting its antistatic properties. 

EN 61340: ESD Protective Wear

antistatic workwear for product protection

Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena

Protective clothing with this standard is suitable for the manufacture of products, which are sensitive to discharges of 100V or more. Persons with ESD protective clothing are therefore protecting products during the manufacturing process from electrical discharges, which can happen with clothing that is not suitable for ESD, e.g. through friction or electrostatic induction (magnetic field, field effects) and/or material separations, and are therefore preventing damage to the component.


If people working in production become electrically charged, it can easily cause damage to sensitive product parts. It is therefore all the more important to wear garments with reliable discharging features. As well as drawing on our many years of experience during manufacture, we also send our products through a state-of-the-art test centre as standard.

This results in an extensive ESD product range which meets the highest standards.