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Heat, Flame & Splashes

Protective wear against heat

PPE against heat, flames and splashes

For reliable protection against heat, flames and splashes of molten metal

Sweltering heat, glowing sparks – working with fire or molten metals requires outstanding protection.

HB products from our Heat, Flames & Splashes category set high standards and offer the best possible safety both in contact with flames and sparks as well as with general heat effects.

Safety first

Thanks to our innovative cutting technology and high-quality workmanship in every last detail, our models offer maximum safety for welding work. 

Instead of average

All outside pockets are elaborately designed – and, for example, covered with flaps that can be closed and are sewn in position so that welding splashes falling down can easily drip off.

Applicable to various fields of heat-related work:

  • Steel works
  • aluminium working industry
  • foundries
  • heat exposed works

Protection for firemen

In addition to our heat protection product lines, HB offers day shift wear for firemen in the category Flammgard.

EN ISO 11612 – Heat and flame protection

Protective clothing

Clothing to protect against heat and flame

This international standard specifies the minimum requirements for clothing protecting against heat and/or flames. In a wide variety of fields of application, the wearer can also be exposed to convective, radiant or contact heat, as well as splashes of molten metal. Within the standard, letters A-F define the performance levels relating to the protective properties listed above.

EN ISO 11611 – Welding protection

Protective clothing

Protective clothing for use in welding and related processes

This type of protective clothing is intended to protect the wearer against weld spatter (small splashes of molten metal), short-term contact with flames as well as radiant heat from the electric arc. Under normal welding conditions, it offers limited electrical insulation against electric conductors of up to 100 V DC. This standard sets out two classes with specific performance requirements (class 1 is for lower requirements, class 2 for higher requirements).



Some people are so passionate about their job that they would literally go through fire for it. All the more important, then, that their clothes don’t catch fire. Our Heat, Flame & Splashes protective equipment offers the highest level of safety by protecting you not only from general heat but also from direct contact with flames and sparks.

It also offers a level of comfort that allows you to always take pleasure in your job.