HIVIS & Weather

High-Visibility & Weather Protection

reflective & water-repellent PPE

Our HiVis & Weather protective clothing provides optimum protection when you are battling the elements – thanks to premium materials and elaborate craftsmanship, including specially welded seams.

Elaborate manufacture and functionality

The eye-catching nature of the textiles ensures that you are seen even when visibility is poor.

Extensive technical expertise and high quality standards of craftsmanship are key to our high-visibility and weatherproof clothing.

Besides our basic product lines like HI-VISION® Basic and HB-StormBase®, we offer a wide range of multi-risk PPE that is certified in accordance with further standards, such as heat and flame or chemical protection.

EN ISO 20471 – Warning clothing

DIN EN ISO 20471 sets out the requirements to be met by protective clothing which visually highlights wearers. This is done to make them clearly visible in dangerous situations under all light conditions during the daytime and when vehicle headlights are shone at them in the darkness. This standard specifies performance requirements to be met by the protective clothing in terms of colour and retro-reflection, along with minimum surface dimensions and requirements to be met by materials used in the smallest possible garment size.

EN 343 – Protective clothing against rain

Specifies requirements and test methods for materials and seams used in clothing to protect against precipitation (e.g. rain, snowflakes), fog and ground humidity. Waterproofness and resistance to water vapour are the properties that must be tested and indicated on the label. The various classes for resistance to water vapour provide an indication for the recommended wearing time in different ambient temperatures.


Whatever the forecast says, our weather protection products allow you to work comfortably and safely even in extremely wet conditions. Equipped with special high-visibility functions, they act as a kind of fabric stop sign. Good design is guaranteed in every case.

The highlight:

Our HI-VISION® multi-risk collection, which combines functionality and aesthetics in the best possible way.