As well as making charitable donations to the local community, HB Schutzbekleidung also supports international projects. For example, last winter the nursery school in Madan received 200 new quilts thanks to the money that HB Schutzbekleidung had donated to the Bulgarian arm of its business. The children were delighted with their cosy and colourful new presents, which were completed in November in time for the start of the cold season. 

Another example of how the traditional company likes to get involved is the donation it made to the children at a nursery school in Völklingen near Saarbrücken. As a result of this, the children are now much more visible to drivers on the road. You see, HB Schutzbekleidung worked in partnership with another company to provide the town's nursery schools and day care centres with a total of 600 reflective vests. "The vests put the youngsters in a much stronger position on the road, thereby improving the safety of the most vulnerable road users", explained Sven Holst, Sales Manager at HB Schutzbekleidung, as he handed over the vests. The Mayor of Völklingen, Klaus Lorig, thanked the company for showing such commitment towards the children.

HB donates clothing for „Cold Bus“

At the end of December 2016, we donated 150 garments like parkas, fleece jackets and trowsers, underwear, socks and shoes for the “Cold Bus”. Three times per week he provides people without home and which are permanently living on the street with blankets, clothing and warm drinks. 

Help during ice and snow in the winter

In 2015 we supported again 3 charity projects in Macedonia: the youth center, the public library and – most important – people living in lonely areas: they were provided by the Red Cross with blankets, medical and hygiene goods and food.

Extinction of the Palawan turtle stopped

In 2015 Hb helped to save 4,300 turtles to starve to death: They were found on a smugglers transporter with destination to China for the market of traditional medicine. There are supposed to live 5,000 of these turtles in total on earth. 

Support of a Special Education Center

In 2015 a special education center in Cesky Krumlov, a small town near our Czech production facility was happy to receive a donation. They offer education, sports and creative workshops for children and teenagers. 

Help for disabled persons in Armenia

In 2014 we donated 1,000.00 Euro for the support of disabled persons that are working for our production facility in Vanadzor. 

Macedonia: support of 3 charity projects:

In 2013 we supported three charity projects:

  • From late summer to winter the Red Cross provided 85 people needing help in Ohrid and Debcra with food, blankets and warm clothes. 
  • Two humanitarian non-profit organisations in Ohrid which take care of disabled children, received surprise gifts and flu vaccinations for the childs. 
  • A New Year’s party with breakfast and gifts has been organised for families with their children. 

Eliza Kindergarden in Madan/Bulgaria

The amount donated paid for 250 new mattresses for the children's beds.

Ohrid/Mazedonien: Donation for Parents of Brain-damaged Children with Sensorimotor Disorders

Presentation of a cheque to Mr Adon Bakalov, Chairman of the Association of Parents of Brain-damaged Children with Sensorimotor Disorders.

HB donates protection for children in road traffic

HB provided kindergarden and school with of 600 reflective vests. The vests put the youngsters in a much stronger position on the road and improve the safety of the most vulnerable road users.