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On 25.09.2014, we opened our new daycare centre. The centre is called "TURTELINOS" and offers the 120 employees the option of bringing their children aged 6 months to 6 years to work with them.

"As our headquarters is located in a rural area, we understand how important it is to attract qualified and skilled employees and to keep them in the company," said company owner Klaus Berthold. "That's why we decided to further improve the balance between work and family life by opening the company's own daycare centre."

We're very proud of this flagship project because we're the first company of our size in the region to offer this opportunity to the mothers and fathers amongst our employees.

To make this service possible, we've performed the relevant renovation work on the company premises. "TURTELINOS" offers places for five children and has a kitchen, garden, play area, crawling and cosy corner, as well as toilet and sleeping facilities.

We employ two professional childminders to look after the children and the company covers the costs. The daycare centre was designed with the support of the Neuwied Jugendamt – Youth Welfare Services – and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Family.