We appreciate the trust that our customers place in us. That's why you can have a look behind the scenes and find out about our expert knowledge first hand. We're not all talk: we'll show you that you can trust what we say.

We regularly work with our customers to carry out audits in our production facilities and at our customers' sites. The audits are used to ensure product and process quality, to optimise processes and costs, and to increase resource efficiency. At the same time, we use them to document the seamless traceability of our finished products across the entire value creation chain. 

Our investigations cover aspects such as the storage and traceability of goods, production and deadlines, quality assurance with regard to company audits and guidelines, as well as the maintenance of manufacturing facilities. We also check staff qualifications, the internal communication, information and storage system, process reliability, as well as complaint and hazardous substance management.

All audits provide us with in-depth knowledge, which helps us achieve the best level of understanding with our customers, suppliers and manufacturers and to keep quality levels permanently high. If audit results deviate from the specifications defined, all necessary measures are taken and documented immediately. This also includes training and development measures at management and employee level. That's because feeling secure and supported in your job is a real motivator and ensures that you produce good work.