logistics and  production 

Thalhausen - a location with a future

Loyalty to our location is very important to us: we have been firmly anchored in the Neuwied district of Rhineland-Palatinate for almost 70 years.

Loyalty to our location is of great important to us: we have been based in the Rhineland Palatinate district of Neuwied for almost 70 years. In addition to our logistics centre, our domestic production, product development, quality and product management, certification and all administrative functions are in located in Thalhausen.


Our employees are a key contributor to HB’s success as well as to the exceptional quality of our products. We therefore value an environment that encourages individual strengths, rewards performance and commitment and creates space for well-being.


To make it easier for our employees to combine work and family, we have had an in-house nursery since 2014 - directly on the company premises. Flexible working time models and sabbaticals allow for individual plans and our free fitness studio is part of our health promotion at the workplace.


Furthermore, we are an important training organisation in the region and train young people in four different professions – also with the aim of employing them afterwards. In this way, we also contribute to maintaining Thalhausen as a viable location.

for high-quality garments

Production – regional and international

With a production capacity of over 1.5 million garments a year, seamless processes are of utmost importance. We are connected to all manufacturing sites via our enterprise resource planning system. State-of-the-art processing and production technology ensures that we can meet our high quality standards, based on the release sample, with consistent quality, even in serial production for large orders.


The production of a variety of different samples as well as small order volumes and the finishing of manufactured garments takes place in our production facility in Thalhausen. Furthermore, we have production facilities at 9 locations in 7 countries: Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, North-Macedonia, Moldova, Czech Republic, Armenia and China.


We have a long-standing partnership and cooperation with all production facilities. It is therefore a matter of course that we stick to our high quality and social standards everywhere. With our regularly conducted system, product and social audits, we ensure that this remains the case - also together with partners, suppliers and customers.


logistics - internationally connected

The hub of our international logistics network is our three state-of-the-art raw material and shipping warehouses. Covering more than 4,000 square metres, they provide space for up to 500,000  garments and all the fabrics and accessories needed.


Our warehouse management in Thalhausen is connected to all operations abroad so even last-minute changes can still be incorporated into production.


These logistics and short distances also enable us to offer special services such as 21 TO WEAR and READY TO WEAR.