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Our logistics is the central hub for our international activities. The short distances to our production plants and their direct connection allow us to react quickly and flexibly to unexpected situations and short-term requirements.

We are convinced that flexibility, speed, sustainability and demand-oriented production of small batches will make the decisive difference in the future.

That is why we have been preparing for this goal for several years and have set standards in our industry with our unique logistics concepts. Thanks to this powerful and flexible organisation, we can offer two services that are unique in the PPE industry:

  • 21 TO WEAR
  • TEMPEX TREME HEAT Modular System


High-performance logistics provided by HB


For all those who urgently need PPE!

When you see the 21TOWEAR  logo, you will get items that are not immediately available within 21 days. Europe-wide!

Advantages with 21TOWEAR:


▶ Fast response to short-term demands.
▶ So that your employees can get started immediately
▶ Reduces your warehousing
▶ For replacement and additional requirements
▶ 100 % HB quality


For everyone who urgently needs PPE and wants to quickly cover small demands.

HB-Secure Allround - INDIVIDUaL configuration

Ready To Wear

With READY TO WEAR, we offer our customers a unique, individually configurable PPE range around our HB-SecureAllround collection.


This means that even companies with smaller demands can equip their employees with their very own personal protective clothing which fits perfectly with the respective company design - from an order quantity of 15 items.


Configure your personal outfit:

With just a few clicks, you can now choose your own preferred colours and extras. Simply print out your very own personal protective clothing design and take it to your contact person at HB.

the HB METALLISed heat protection SYSTEM - versatile aND FLEXIBlE


With our innovative TEMPEX® TREME-Heat modular system, everyone can put together their own individual heat protection equipment. In addition to our Basic line, a wide range of equipment options can be combined in the COMFORT and COMFORT Plus range - depending on the requirements for the equipment at the workplace.

Two materials available for these comfort versions make it considerably easier to wear: CK/12-Z with an extremely low weight per unit area and AW-1/Y with a particularly soft knitted fabric as the carrier material for the metallisation, which achieves the highest protection level C4 for radiant heat.

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