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The protective clothing of your employees is now as much a part of the appearance of your company as your website or your company vehicles - so your employees become the unmistakable business card of your company.

Of course, the products from our wide range offer the possibility to individualize them to your company and also to personalize them for the employees. Because at HB Protective Wear we have certified all our collections so that they can be equipped with different emblem variations. Embroidery badges, direct embroidery, patch or woven badges are available as options in different sizes depending on the collection.

We only use materials that have successfully undergone certification, so that the certified protective properties of the clothing are still guaranteed after finishing. You can see which emblem variant is available for your collection in the overview.

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By applying embroidery or patch emblems, or by embroidering your protective clothing, you turn your employees into ambassadors of your company and underline their competence and professionalism. Additionally supplemented by name emblems, protective clothing provides a personal and positive image and strengthens the identification of your employees with their company.

We will be happy to create a design for your own and individual company emblem based on your company logo.

To ensure that safety does not fall by the wayside and that conformity to standards does not suffer, a number of important points must be observed, especially when individualizing protective clothing by subsequently adding emblems.

The PPE Regulation, which has been in force since 2018, clearly stipulates that any subsequent modification to PPE that does not comply with the relevant type examination certificate will invalidate the certification. This means that anyone who makes such a change becomes the manufacturer of new PPE, which must be re-certified again. This also includes the subsequent addition of emblems and badges.

Only the materials and emblem sizes that have been tested as part of a certification process may be used here, so as not to jeopardize the certification and safety of your protective clothing. The placement of emblems and embroidery must also meet the requirements of the relevant standards, as is the case with clothing for protection against liquid metals.

If you would like to add emblems to your HB Protective Wear protective clothing or that of your customers, please contact us. We will be happy to inform you about what needs to be considered in terms of material, size and application position when finishing your HB collection.



The implementation of certification-relevant modifications to protective clothing - such as the subsequent attachment of emblems - by third parties that are not carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications in conformity with the standard, will lead to the fact that the products concerned are no longer being covered by the respective type examination certificate and the certification will therefore expire.


Subsequent application of emblems to our protective clothing is generally only possible if it has been certified as part of a type examination. We therefore recommend that the finishing of our protective clothing products be carried out by us as the manufacturer.

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Protection meets Design

For many years, we have successfully developed protective clothing for our customers that focuses on the specific standard requirements and working conditions of the respective companies. However, an important requirement in all individual customer projects is that the competent appearance of employees and companies is clearly communicated to the outside world.

HB collections can form the basis for the development of a new customer collection. This can often save costs for the necessary certifications, but also time during development. In addition, we have experience of wearer comfort and practical suitability.

In many cases, however, we also start from scratch together with the customer on the basis of the required protective properties and the respective working conditions. An important concern is then, of course, to implement the individual CI requirements, e.g. with regard to the company colors and logo, in the best possible way.  Our project management, together with our product managers, ensures that the standard requirements can also be implemented safely.

In close coordination with the end customer and on the basis of wearer tests, products are created that look good and provide employees with the best possible protection.

We would be happy to advise you on how to implement your own CI collection for your company.


For smaller companies with lower requirements, we also offer a solution with our READY TO WEAR service, which can be individually configured for as few as 15 items per article and can be delivered within 21 days. Become the designer of your individual CI PPE with our online configurator.

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