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Since 1952, we have been developing and manufacturing high-quality PPE solutions that protect people from specific hazards in the workplace. We are the only manufacturer in Germany that has been exclusively producing protective clothing for almost 70 years. With standards expertise and highly specialised material and processing know-how, we develop protective clothing to meet the highest demands.

Added to this is the special quality down to the smallest detail that characterises all our collections.


Our qualified employees with the highest passion for PPE and pronounced customer orientation make us Germany's leading manufacturer of protective clothing. That is why our brand promise is:

the perfect underwear for your ppe: hb-BodySafe FR

With our new collection, we offer flame-retardant underwear that combines innovative body mapping with excellent protective properties and takes into account the different requirements of different body zones.

HB-BodySafe FR is a certified flame-retardant underwear that usefully supplements PPE clothing and increases its protective performance. It was specially developed for use under category II and III protective clothing and protects the wearer of personal protective equipment immediately with the first layer of clothing.

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certified protection

Our core competences include the manufacture of certified protective clothing and our excellent standards know-how.

With our customised solutions for a wide range of hazardous situations in the workplace, we offer you safety you can rely on.


Our role model is nature: It adapts to a wide range of hazards time and again. The amazing achievements of evolution spur us on to constantly develop our PPE know-how and find the right answers to new requirements in the world of work.

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The protection of people is at the centre of everything we do.


We are the only manufacturer in Germany that has focused exclusively on the development and production of protective clothing from the very beginning.


Over the past 70 years, this clear approach has resulted in exemplary standards expertise, special material and processing know-how, and a unique and specialized range of protective clothing.

Find out all about how we ensure the quality of our products, on the right choice of your PPE, the proper care of protective clothing, corporate PPE, standards and our special services.


As an international, innovative and design-oriented company, we offer a wide range of career opportunities.

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Our logistics is the central hub for our international activities. The short distances to our production plants and their direct connection allow us to react quickly and flexibly to unexpected situations and short-term requirements.

We are convinced that flexibility, speed, sustainability and demand-oriented production of small batches will make the decisive difference in the future. This is where we are already starting today with our pioneering and unique services for the PPE industry.

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