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PPE that fits well, looks good and provides reliable protection against workplace hazards. As durable and robust as the shell of a turtle. That's protective clothing from HB Protective Wear.

With us, you can be sure that our products are certified according to the latest standards. Here we tell you what we do to achieve this - in line with our brand promise:

The right choice of potective clothing

Selection and maintenance of PPE

There are many important factors to consider when making the right choice of protective clothing.

The SUCaM principle provides good guidance for all those responsible for the selection of PPE and the safety of employees and colleagues.

In addition to making the right choice, there are also some important points to consider when caring for and maintaining protective clothing. This also includes the question of household or industrial laundering.

What we do for your safety

Our products

... are tested and certified by renowned European institutes, such as STFI, Hohenstein or SGS Fimco.

Our participation in standardization committees

... is an essential part of our daily work. In addition, we keep our employees up-to-date with standards and fabric training.

Our quality assurance

... goes far beyond the legal requirements. With our 2-stage quality assurance, we make every effort to ensure your safety.

Our materials and ingredients

... are carefully selected for the respective different areas of application and protection requirements. Of course, function and wearing comfort are not neglected.

The right question

Multi-risk or specialist?

Due to more complex working environments and changing fields of work, the demands on PPE are increasing. Multi-standard clothing has therefore been increasingly popular for many years.


Whilst many speak of multi-standard, we prefer to use the term “multi-risk” - for a very good reason: as a large number of standards is not a feature of quality per se.


We tell you how to find the right PPE for your working environment and what should be taken into account when selecting protective properties.

The legal frame


The Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment, which has been in force since 2018, is binding in all aspects and is law across the EU. It sets down requirements and specifications for the manufacture and provision of PPE. Amongst other things, it covers subsequent changes to certified PPE by third parties and the obligations of manufacturers, those who place it on the market, and distributors.

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