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Due to complex working environments and changing fields of work, the demands on PPE are increasing.  Multi-standard clothing has therefore been a popular trend for many years. However, whilst many speak of multi-standard, we prefer to use the term “multi-risk” - for a very good reason: as a large number of standards is not a feature of quality per se.


The key factor: the relevant area of application


It is far more effective to find out exactly what protective features are really necessary in order to decide when a specialist item of clothing is required and where the use of multi-risk products is most expedient. Because the same often applies here: What can do everything, doesn't master anything. Furthermore, specific protective functions also have a negative impact on wearing comfort, or they can be harmful for the environment, such as a fluorocarbon finish for chemical repellency.


It should also be borne in mind that in the case of multi-risk products, individual standards are monitored independently of each other and not in combination, which therefore does not result in a higher level of safety.

The correct question to pose when purchasing PPE


If the risks at the workplace can be precisely delimited and there is a clear hazard or exposure profile, a specialist item of equipment is usually the preferable choice as it usually offers a higher level of protection against the specific hazard.


Typical applications that should primarily require the use of a specialist item of protective equipment include heavy-duty welding protection, arc flash protection, typical chemical protection or any situation where protection is required against molten metal.


An exact inspection of the areas of application and potential hazards is also indispensable before purchasing multi-risk clothing. The best possible protection at the relevant site is of key importance, not the mere number of standards.


Therefore, the correct question is not “how many standards can my protective clothing cover?”, but should be “Where will the clothing be used and how well does it protect me from potential hazards?”  

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