Our Sustainability blog

Discover our sustainability blog. We regularly give you updates on our sustainability activities and report on the issues we are working on, the measures we are taking and how we at HB are moving more and more towards a sustainable future.


corporate social responsibility

We see ourselves as a medium-sized, owner-managed company in the best sense of the word: responsible, conscientious, careful and sustainable. In addition to outstanding product quality, individual customer service and healthy growth, we stand for location loyalty, transparency and fairness.


That's why sustainability is firmly anchored in many areas of our company. It is the basis for all decisions that have social and economic consequences for our employees, suppliers and customers. We do not look for quick, short-term success at any price, but stand for the long term and substance.


We are convinced that good and far-sighted corporate management in conjunction with planning that is acceptable to all sides and concepts that are sustainable in the long term are essential prerequisites for lasting success.

Our social responsibility

As a manufacturer of protective clothing, we don't just play a key role for safety in the workplace.


As a company we also take on responsibility that extends far beyond the realm of our products: for people, for society, and for the environment.

our code of conduct

We are fully aware of our social responsibilities. Commitment to observing human rights, to accepting other cultures, for social awareness and to combating corruption means responsible corporate management and is rooted in our values and objectives.


Core aspects of our code of conduct therefore include rejection of child and forced labour, paying fair wages, social conditions, and combating corruption and discrimination.

Social Audits

As an internationally operating company, the promotion of and compliance with social standards is particularly important to us. That is why we regularly carry out social audits in our production plants and at our suppliers.

Recycling and Upcycling

For us, environmental protection means acting sustainably with future generations in mind. For this reason we are careful when using natural resources. We use 100% recyclable PP boxes for our transport logistics, environmentally friendly cardboard boxes for shipping to our customers, recycle recyclable waste and make useful new products from leftover materials, such as backpacks, toiletry bags, spectacle cases and cases for tablets, laptops and smartphones.


Thanks to our kindergarden which is a real lighthouse project, we enable our employees to reconcile work and family life.