our Code of conduct

suatainable and human

the BASic understanding

In all business decisions, the consequences are considered in economic, social and environmental terms. HB Protective Wear contributes to the well-being and sustainable development of the global society within the scope of the individual's possibilities. The same applies to business relations within the textile chain. The generally applicable values and principles are to be taken into account, in particular this applies to human dignity.


The basis for our Code of Conduct is therefore the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO

Conventions, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and selected United Nations agreements. In addition, our Code of Conduct is based on relevant international agreements for the protection of the environment. 


At its core is the requirement to preserve the Earth's ecosystem for future generations. We want to achieve this through the prudent use of resources in accordance with the applicable environmental regulations.


The implementation of social responsibility does not end at our site; much more, we also require our suppliers to comply with the minimum requirements formulated in our Code of Conduct. In doing so, we support and motivate them not only to achieve but to exceed these requirements.


Our Code of Conduct is by no means a substitute for national legislation - it is intended to be complementary. In case of discrepancies between legal regulations and our requirements, the stricter ones always apply.


Our suppliers must ensure that the Code of Conduct is observed by themselves and by all subcontractors involved in production processes for HB articles.


To verify compliance with the Code, regular audits are conducted within the value chain. These can be unannounced and are conducted either by our own staff or by an independent third party. Audits also include inspection of facilities and business premises, as well as records demonstrating compliance with the Standards.

Refusal to allow authorised auditors to conduct such inspections or interviews is tantamount to a clear violation.

As we believe in the value of long-term partnerships with our suppliers, in the event of minor deviations from our specifications, they are given the opportunity to take appropriate corrective action within a reasonable period of time to prove themselves again.


In the event of a violation of our Code of Conduct or a discernible lack of willingness to change, we reserve the right to terminate the cooperation with the respective company.


Please finde the complete code of conduct for download: