Social Audits

For the well-being of individuals

Transparency and Fairness

As an internationally operating company, promoting and ensuring compliance with social standards is particularly important to us.

That is why we regularly carry out social audits in our production plants and at our suppliers.

The audits can take place unannounced and are either carried out by HB staff or independent third parties. They are based on the work and social standards set out by the ILO, the International Labour Organisation.


Amongst other things, we monitor compliance with regulations regarding the banning of child and forced labour, discrimination, as well as health and occupational safety. We also take a look at working hours and remuneration regulations and monitor sites and offices as well as records that confirm compliance with such standards.


If there is a need for improvement then a Corrective Action Plan sets out specific steps. If such controls or surveys are refused from the authorised auditors, then this is tantamount to an offence. More information can be found in our Code of Conduct: 

system and product audits

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To sustainably secure our process and product quality, we also carry out system and product audits at suppliers and production facilities - also together with our customers.

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