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As a provider of premium quality protective clothing, the safety of those who wear our apparel is our highest priority. Consistent compliance with our defined quality standards is of the utmost importance and is the benchmark for all processes and procedures.

In order to continuously ensure this for all products, we carry out regular audits at our production sites and also at our suppliers.

Customers can take ...

... a closer look with us

Together with our customers, we regularly carry out audits at our production plants and at our suppliers. The audits serve to ensure product and process quality, optimize processes and costs, and increase resource efficiency.

At the same time, we use them to document the complete traceability of our finished parts throughout the entire value chain.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about this or would like to conduct an audit with us.

Amongst other things, we investigate the storage and traceability of goods, production and deadlines, and quality assurance in terms of in-house audits and guidelines as well as maintenance of production facilities. At the same time we also monitor staff qualifications, in-house communication, information and filing systems, process reliability as well as the management of complaints and hazardous substances.


We gain in-depth insights during all audits, which provides a maximum degree of understanding with customers, suppliers and manufacturers whilst also helping us ensure that our high quality levels are maintained. If audit results deviate from defined targets, all necessary measures are taken and documented immediately. This also covers education and training measures at both a managerial and employee level.