HB kindergarden "turtelinos"

A flagship project for our region

We opened our “TURTELINOS” daycare centre in 2014. This is where our 185 staff have the option of taking their children, aged between 6 months and 6 years, along to the workplace.


As our company is based in a rural area, we know how important it is to have qualified specialists and to keep them with the company. That is why we decided to further improve the balance between work and family life with our in-house nursery.


We are extremely proud of this flagship project, as we are the first company of our size in the country that provide mothers and fathers with this option. 

We carried out the corresponding renovations on company premises to make this service possible. “TURTELINOS” has space for five children, including  a kitchen, garden, playground, crawling and cuddling corner along with toilets and places to sleep.


Children are supported by two trained, salaried child minders paid for by the company. The children's ”Kita” was designed with assistance from the Jugendamt Youth Welfare Office Neuwied and subsidised by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs.