charity commitment

locally, regionally and internationally.

Hb helps!

A commitment to charitable engagement has been important to us for a long time. Alongside donations for inititives and projects in our home region, we also support social projects at our production sites, together with our partners abroad by donations of money and material.

This commitment ranges from charitable activities and initiatives that provide medical and social support as well as associations that provide community service on a voluntary basis. What is important to us is that our donations benefit as many recipients as possible. 

Below you will find some of our HB charity initiatives:


HB donated €250,000 from sales of its face masks to support facilities that were either particularly badly affected by the coronavirus crisis or faced particularly tough circumstances as a result.


HB donated €2,000 to support the animal shelter in Neuwied, which was threatened by bankruptcy. The institution only was able to survice thanks to donations like ours. 


Donation of winter clothing to "Die Schachtel e.V.", which provides the homeless in Koblenz with warm clothing and drinks via its “Kältebus” ("Bus against the cold") initiative.


Continuation of our turtle sponsorship, which we have done for many years and helped play a part in safeguarding biodiversity on our planet. We have close links with the green turtle as it is our trademark and an embodiment of protection.


A donation was made in Rudozem (Bulgaria) where one of our production facilites is located, to a day centre for handicapped children in order to provide it with quality teaching and learning materials.


Due to our donations to the Red Cross, older people in remote Macedonian villages were provided with firewood in winter and necessary medical as well as sanitary items.


With the aid of HB, a donation was made to disabled people in Vanazdor (Armenia) who are working in our production facility over there.