corporate social responibility

360° sustainable protection

Our protective clothing protects the wearer as personally and reliably as a shell protects the turtle. That's why it is our trademark. Under this unmistakable identifying feature we don't just provide a contribution towards safety in the workplace , but also take on responsibility for employees, society and the environment.

we live CSR

internal and external responsibility

Our responsibility as part of a global company is deeply rooted within our company. We handle it, both internally and externally, with a variety of measures.


Investment in education and training: Every year we train young people at our headquarters in Thalhausen with the aim of offering them a fixed position - a commitment to which we have been recognised by the chamber of commerce for our excellent results.


A value-focused corporate culture that encourages long-term thinking, critical dialogue and respectful communication with each other.

Improving the balance between work and family life: Flexible working time and the first in-house kindergarden in a medium-sized company of our size in Rhineland Palatinate are ways in which we support our employees to this effect.


We carry out regular donations to charitable projects and facilities in our region. We also support our manufacturing partners abroad in their local charitable commitments.

big donation campaign 2020

From the sale of our mouth-nose masks, we donated 250,000 € to people and charity organisations affected by Corona.