selection & care of ppe

The SUCaM-Principle (prCEN/TR 15321)

From selection to maintenance

There are some important points to consider when making the right choice of protective clothing. In addition to the correct selection of PPE, this also applies not least to the care and maintenance of protective clothing. This also includes, for example, the question of domestic or industrial laundering.

The SUCaM principle (prCEN/TR 15321) (Selcet, Care, Use and Maintenance) provides good guidance for all those responsible for the selection of PPE and the safety of employees and colleagues.


  • Select
    Correct selection of PPE (risk assessment, wearer test
  • Care
    Determining when PPE must be worn, manufacturer information, instruction, documentation
  • Use
    Proper care according to instructions, no premature aging, storage
  • Maintenance
    Regular inspection, plan / documentation.

Appropriate care of PPE includes an appropriate and validated reprocessing and maintenance process:

  • Inspection of clothing
  • Washing and drying
  • After-treatment, if necessary
  • Repair, if necessary
  • Documentation of the measures.
the PPE user regulation

The right choice of protective clothing

There are some important points to consider when selecting protective clothing. The PPE User Regulation (PSA-BV) can be consulted for this purpose. It regulates the provision of personal protective equipment by the employer, as well as the use of personal protective equipment by employees at work.

THE PPE Regulation also specifies what actually counts as personal protective equipment.

not only for leasers and textile services

care and maintenance

Proper care helps to maintain the protective effect of protective clothing for as long as possible. Here, both the washing and drying processes adapted to the product count, as well as the timely replacement of worn parts and the professional repair of parts in need of repair.

For many decades, HB Protective Wear has therefore worked closely with laundries and textile leasing companies and is an active supporting member of the German Association for Textile Services DTV and the European Textile Service Association ETSA.

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