laundry of ppe

Not only for laundries and textile services

household and industrial laundry

Proper care helps to maintain the protective effect of protective clothing for as long as possible. Here, both the washing and drying processes adapted to the product count, as well as the timely replacement of worn parts and the professional repair of parts in need of repair. For many decades, HB Protective Wear has therefore worked closely with laundries and textile leasing companies.

Already during the development of our products, we make sure that they can be used by our partners without any problems. In particular, we focus on repair-friendly processing (e.g. of reflective strips), long service life, long-term availability of the products and the use of suitable fabrics and ingredients. In addition to wear tests, external washing tests together with individual textile service providers are an important part of our product development.

Due to the long service life of our PPE articles, we use valuable raw materials in a resource-conserving manner and make an important contribution to sustainable business.

You can rely on our washing recommendations: they are based on the information provided by our suppliers, our internal washing tests and, of course, ultimately on the information provided in the respective type tests.

But no matter whether ISO 15797 or ISO 6330 - all our products are designed to be used by laundries and textile service providers. However, since the processes and general conditions in each laundry differ greatly, we recommend that in all cases our clothing is first subjected to a washing test under the respective conditions; this is the only way to ensure the longest possible service life of the protective clothing and to reliably rule out complaints.

The materials we use are also tested in our in-house washing laboratory in accordance with ISO 6330 or ISO 15797. For this purpose, we have household washing machines and dryers, as well as industrial washing machines and dryers, with capacities of 24 kg and 20 kg, respectively.


"Be safe. We care."

Wherever possible, we have our products tested and certified in accordance with ISO 15797, thus offering our partners a reliable basis for use in industrial laundering.

However, since not all PPE fabrics and PPE ingredients always allow this, some of our products are tested and certified on the basis of ISO 6330 in these cases. Particularly in the case of new and particularly innovative PPE fabrics and fibers that offer special protective performance, it is sometimes the case that these cannot meet the requirements of ISO 15797.

In these cases, it is then necessary to weigh up whether the desired area of application and the desired product properties make a compromise in terms of maintainability in the industrial ISO wash seem sensible.