Our philosphy

Our success is based on a corporate philosophy that reflects the best values of medium-sized company traditions. Social responsibility, respectful interactions with each other and sustainable management are just as important to us as the constant development of our products and the optimisation of our processes.


We know all our suppliers and manufacturers personally and have been working together with them for many years. Materials, processing techniques and processes are constantly improved in close collaboration with them. Expert knowledge and ambitious employee training encourage creativity and innovation.


Loyalty to our location is an important part of our corporate culture.  Even after almost 70 years, we are firmly anchored in Thalhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate. Here we employ 185 people and train young people year after year in 4 different professions.

our vision

We - the entire business community of HB - are leaders in performance and quality, and are the first point of contact for inspiring new developments when it comes to certified protective clothing. 

our mission

Wir sorgen dafür, dass sich unsere Kunden gut von uns versorgt fühlen und bedenkenlos und unbeschwert ihre Arbeit verrichten können

our values

We promote an environment of respect and openness, both internally and externally. We are motivated, innovative and always looking for improvements. We are high-performing, personal and predictable.

our customer focus

We set standards in terms of product quality, our specialist knowledge and innovative solutions. We provide valuable safety to protect the health of our customers as much as possible. We want our customers to feel that they are in good hands with us.

Location loyalty

Firmly anchored in the region

Tradition and continuity are particularly important to us. Even after almost 70 years, we are firmly anchored in Thalhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate. We employ 185 people and take on young apprentices every year to train them as seamstresses, tailors, industrial managers and logistics specialists.