A first big step in this direction was marked by the move to Thalhausen in 1961 and the decision to concentrate on the manufacture of protective clothing against the hazards of flames and chemicals as well as welding protection. This defined the company's brand essence - textile protection in the workplace - and charted its future course.


HB has consistently expanded its product range of certified PPE and has become the leading manufacturer that offers a suitable specific solution for every requirement profile across all segments and also meets individual requirements with numerous equipment and CI variants.

In the 2000s, further expansion steps followed with the commissioning of the new logistics center, the introduction of the industry's unique high-speed delivery service 21TOWEAR® and the acquisition of the TEMPEX® brand, which further accelerated the company's growth, also beyond national borders.


In this context, the focus on the topic of protection is now a unique selling point: HB is the only German clothing manufacturer to develop and produce exclusively protective clothing from the very beginning - with a special eye also on the specific requirements of textile service providers for leasable PPE.

Klaus Berthold, Managing Director since 1992 and today owner and CEO of the company, describes his mission as follows: "Our job is to protect people from specific hazards in the workplace. We don't just want to manufacture products, but to give our customers the good feeling that they can rely on our protective clothing. In doing so, we set standards, for example, with absolutely needs-based advice, special services and, of course, above all, a range of PPE that is unrivaled in this breadth and depth in the industry."


For all its dynamism, HB has attached great importance to sustainable growth right from the start. Respect for the environment, but also responsibility for society and the workforce, have always had a firm place in the company's agenda. This also includes the fact that the medium-sized values of the founding years are lived unchanged. Perhaps this is the reason why HB has not only been able to cope well with the challenges of the last two years of crisis, but at the same time has been able to use them as an opportunity for its own innovations - from digital trade show appearances to the establishment of its own combustion chamber for flame testing to the large new Think!Tank in Thalhausen.

The extent of the bond with the country and its people is also manifested in the new advertising motifs, for which HB's collections were strikingly staged in the landscapes of the Westerwald - not with anonymous models, but with employees from the company.


Managing Director and COO Sven Holst explains this approach as follows: "Looking back at the success factors of the past 70 years has also influenced our current advertising presence and inspired us to enter the next decade with a new visual language. It follows a disruptive approach and places PPE in a completely unfamiliar context. The background is formed by special Westerwald motifs that stand for the company's roots, its ties to the region, its commitment to sustainable business and its responsibility for nature and the environment."


It is a tradition at HB that the employees stand as personal brand ambassadors for the quality and success of the products. This in turn is an essential prerequisite for the loyalty of business partners and customers - and for the validity of the brand promise: "be safe. we care".

For Klaus Berthold, this is a reason to expressly thank all those involved in the 70th year of HB Protective Wear's existence: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our employees, customers and partners for remaining loyal to us even in these turbulent times. 


You can find out more on HB Protective Wear at www.hb-online.com.



HB Protective Wear: We have PPE in our DNA.

Since 1952, we have been developing and manufacturing high-quality PPE solutions that protect people from specific hazards in the workplace. We are the only manufacturer in Germany that has been exclusively producing protective clothing for 70 years now. Comprehensive knowledge of standards, first-class workmanship, highly specialised material know-how and 100% manual final inspection for every garment ensures that our products will stand up most stringent requirements. Outstanding quality right down to the last detail characterises our garments. Qualified employees with passion for PPE and a strong customer focus make us Germany's leading manufacturer of protective clothing. That is why we stay true to our brand promise „be safe. we care.“


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