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Quality from the almost beginning

Fundamental strengths

All HB products start out from top-quality materials made by well-known manufacturers. This applies to our fabrics as well as to the ingredients used - because quality, and thus the safety of our customers, is our top priority. An important criterion for the selection of our partners is not only the quality but also the security of supply; because PPE must be available when it is needed on site.

Whether it's fabrics from Carrington®, Klopman® or Westex™, yarns from Amann, or reflective strips from 3M™ Scotchlite™, or Orafol®: We leave nothing to chance when selecting our starting materials. Our careful material selection is based on intensive technical material tests conducted both internally and externally.

Thanks to optimised procurement processes and close exchange with our partners, we can ensure that our suppliers work in a way that corresponds with our guidelines and that the quality of individual product components is as expected.


Our raw materials warehouse also meets the stringent requirements that you and we ourselves place on our protective clothing. The fabric bales are stored on their own sleeves and are processed according to the FIFO principle. This doesn't only ensure order, but also consistent fabric quality. As a result, you can rely on the protective function of our products as well as a consistent quality.


In order to maintain our high quality and safety standards, we don’t just rely on the specifications provided by our suppliers, but also carry out regular quality checks on the fabrics and accessories delivered. These include, amongst other, our washing tests to determine shrinkage behaviour, tests in our flammability testing device and colour tests.

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