Quality with tradition

We are the market leader. And so are our products.


More safety, more comfort, more quality.

What protects well must also fit well.


Products from HB Protective Wear combine innovative processing techniques, modern design and exceptional protection. They make the most out of the materials used and ensure that the wearer feels comfortable.


The product range is characterized by both groundbreaking new developments and targeted improvements to the existing collections. Our eye for the little things ensures that intelligent solutions make your everyday working life easier. Our eye for the big picture combines modern design with maximum wearer comfort - because if you feel comfortable at your workplace, you can work there safely and with concentration.

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expertise in products and qualified advice

In our unparalleled and differentiated product range, our customers will find the right solution that optimally fits the specific requirements of the respective company.

Because even collections with, at a superficial glance, identical standard profiles can have very different performance profiles and divergent protective properties. When it comes to the question of safety in the workplace, there are no blanket answers that are correct in all cases. Solution expertise and qualified advice from PPE experts are essential here.

Immer die richtige Lösung für Ihre Anforderung

Since, in addition to the potential hazard situations, the climatic and spatial conditions of use also play a decisive role, the HB Protective Wear range offers various approaches to solutions in the different protection categories. These are based on differentiated material concepts whose individual strengths must be weighed up for the respective application. Our employees will be happy to support you in this process.

award-winning and excellent

Exceptional HB PPE innovations

Thanks to our drive to innovation, our products have already been awarded the Professional Clothing Award for “Best PPE Innovation” twice.


  • 2014: Our Parka 7 kA HB-MODArc & VIS
  • 2016: Our softshell jacket 7 kA HB-MODArc & Vis
Softshelljacket 7 kA  HB-MODArc & Vis.