quality right from the start

We produce unique products in series

from sample to series

Producing a product sample that fully convinces the customer is an achievement in itself.

To reliably scale this quality into series production with large quantities over a long period of time is even more so!

"Quality is first developed and then produced” - true to this principle, we put a great deal of time and effort into developing our products.


Before we start serial production of a model, we examine everything down to the most minute detail and carry out wear tests that realistically reflect on the stringent requirements of day-to-day work. As a matter of course, no product is released for production if it has not been subjected to sample approval by our quality assurance department. We consider this to be necessary to ensure that the quality of our production can reliably provide what the sample promised.


Of course, this also applies to the numerous special developments that we realise for many of our customers. Only this way, we can assure that our customers receive exactly what they have seen and subsequently approved as a sample.

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