our quality label

Ideal protection is more than just the norm for us


Testing procedures that go beyond legal requirements. This is worth your safety to us.

After production release, the same applies to all finished parts: 100% final inspection. We check every single finished part for size accuracy, stitching, fit and the overall finish.

These tests are carried out in our international sites by particularly trained, qualified staff and documented with our “TURTLE TESTED®” seal of quality. Our production partners and their staff are also supported by our in-house travelling technicians who are specifically trained for this purpose.

Using an individual "TURTLE TESTED®" stamp number, the testing of each garment can be traced back to the respective production plant.

Together with the production order number on the inner labels, this makes it possible for us to ensure traceable and transparent production at all times.


Our 2-stage quality assurance system also means we carry out an additional AQL inspection in Thalhausen for all produced goods. Ensuring an Acceptable Quality Limit.


We also continuously improve our production processes in close collaboration with our production partners and travelling technicians to support ongoing improvements in the quality of our products.


These numerous steps are something we’re more than happy to do as it clearly documents for every customer what should really come as standard: Namely, every feasible effort is made to provide flawless goods and that all production processes can be clearly traced.