Cold Protection


The Original TEMPEX® Classics

Individually tailored protective systems against the cold are needed for work in freezing environments up to -49°C. Our products in the TEMPEX® CLASSIC collection mean you’re in ideal hands for any work in moderately cold conditions (0°C-10°C) as well as in temperatures up to -49°C. It is versatile and available in all product ranges (Chillroom, Cold Store and Cold Store Plus). Quality materials, such as a particularly durable outer fabric or a collar made of fleece provide the best possible protection for your body against frostbite. Reflective details ensure good visibility during work. The products in the Teddy version of the Cold Store product range also have a protective insulation layer made of teddy lining. In case of longer working periods in extreme cold and with little activity, our products in the Plus product range are particularly suitable. They feature extra-thick fleece insulation and an additional Wirkflor back lining. Our products in the Chillroom range have a lighter fleece lining, providing effective protection against the cold in work environments featuring temperatures between 0°C and 10°C. Comfortable to wear and safe in any movement: Freedom of movement is possible with every activity in the women's range due to the cut.
How to choose the right HB cold protection outfit

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The performance levels of our TEMPEX® cold protective clothing.