Cold Protection


Comfort meets Design

The TEMPEX® COMFORT range provides splendid protection for any kind of activity in environments with temperatures between 0°C-10°C as well as up to -49°C. These items are also available in the Chillroom, Cold Store and Cold Store Plus product ranges. Use of quality materials - such as the Tempex insulating fleece and a particularly abrasion-resistant outer material - ensure optimal protection against the cold whilst combining a high level of wearer comfort with a long service life. The Comfort models are not just extremely comfortable to wear and provide excellent protection against the cold, but also have a stylish design. Several pockets provide additional storage space. An inner pocket for a pick-by-voice computer means the Comfort jacket for use in extremely cold environments is a practical aid for order-picking in such environments.
How to choose the right HB cold protection outfit

cold protection
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The performance levels of our TEMPEX® cold protective clothing.