our promise

this is our brand promise to you. 

We do not just only care about the safety of people wearing our garments, but also that all decision makers feel comfortable and safe when choosing PPE from HB Potective Wear.

our trademark

The green sea turtle is our trademark for a good reason. Because just as its shell protects it against hazards, our protective garments provide wearers the best possible protection.

what we are:


Since 1952, HB has been known for extraordinary quality, excellent wearing comfort and innovative products. We develop intelligent solutions for protective garments that are robust, safe and comfortable and also deliver in practice what the samples promise.



Qualified employees, long-term partnerships and close customer relations have always been the basis of our success. We believe in the value of personal and trusting relationships, as this is the key to sustainable growth and reliable collaboration - both internally and externally.



When it comes to protecting people from hazards in the workplace, it is essention to have a partner you can rely on. Our products set standards in terms of safety, comfort and design, whilst our employees ensure the product quality you expect from HB - from the sample to serial production.

to ourselves and our customers

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