Cold Protection


Head, hand and foot protection for Cold Stores

An effective cold protection system only works with the relevant accessories so that the head, feet and hands are also protected. That's because these body parts are more sensitive to temperature. From hoods, bonnets, caps and insulated safety helmets to fleece neck warmers that all suit our cold protection jackets - you are certain to find the ideal head protection to complete your PPE. You can also find the ideal gloves for your individual requirements. Whether in the deep freeze area or the cold store, gloves are available for all kinds of work, in various designs and made of quality materials. We also provide thermal safety footwear made of grained, water-repellent cowhide leather so that your feet are adequately protected. Functional underwear is also part of the accessories along with suitable protection for head, hand and foot. Our underwear is comfortable to wear and rounds off a multi-layer protection system against the cold.
How to choose the right HB cold protection outfit

cold protection
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The performance levels of our TEMPEX® cold protective clothing.